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Heldental Mission, Vision and Principles

becoming successful together  - trading with A common interest


It is our mission to contribute to your success and to profit from the financial markets together.

We want to help you become a better trader and at the same tme develop a pool of top traders we can recruit from.


It is our vision to be the best of both worlds: a successfull tradingdfesk with consistent profits and a trading oriented trading academy that offers funding opportunities for talent.

Different from investment banks. hedge funds, and strengthened by a pool of strong trainees and remote traders.

A place where you will find everything necessary for your development and to become a successfull trader or to boost your performance.

Aways with the focus to profit from the financial markets together. 


We believe that you - within the framework we offer and following the ground principles you'll learn during the education program - can be a succesfull trader. 

We believe in your performance, our cutting edge technology and the common goal we share with our traders.

We only profit if your trading is profitable.

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