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Become profitable fast!

In our education program you will save valuable time to become a consistent profitable trader. Every strategy you will learn and make your own are proven in practice and are generating profits. 

Boost your P/L

With individual trainings and coachings we will make you a profitable trader with a consisentcy rate of 80%. 

You will get a chance to trade a million dollar account. 

Work from all over the Globe

We are using high-end technology such as the HELDENTRADER Platform and other innovative and proven tools. 

Tools that will give you the opportunity to trade from literarily anywhere. 

Trading career start

How we will work together...



You will start with a be-spoke education program including live training sessions



When you have completed our education program you will get a chance to trade a 10.000 dollar account


Scaling up your account

When your performance is developing we will scale up your trading account accordingly - up to 1 million dollar


More Time.
More Money.
More Freedom.

We will lead you to succes in trading

A comprehensive solution for your trading performance


Education Program

The first step is to study all theory and materials we provide you with. This is your fundamental theoretical education. You will get to know the platform and tools and will learn all important principles and elements of  Volume-Trading. 

The education program backoffice will give you access to course materials, documents, video courses and  Live-Trainings/trading sessios with our senior (floor) traders. 


Your $10.000 trading-account

After completion of the education program we will fund you immediately. This means that you will receive $10.000 from our capital on your trading account. We will share profits 50-50.


Scaling up your trading account

Your performance will be visible in the size of your trading account. In this business size does matter. 

When you are performing well and your profits are consistent and your growth is exponential we will scale up your account. In the final stage we will fund you with $1.000.000. We will share profits 80-20. So you will keep 80% of your profits. We bear all the risk. 


More time. More money. More freedom.

In the end only performance and the results matter! What does this mean for you?

More performance based trading and more certainty. 

Your development as a trader is fully alligned with our goal to create profits. Your trading goals are intertwined with our goal to develop your trading skills. 

Apply now and let us discuss how we can help you becoming a successful trader.